Dr Jaswinder Singh is a Kansas City Top Doctor!

The prestigious Ingram’s Magazine in Kansas City recently selected their Top Doctors for 2021. Our own Dr Jaswinder Singh featured prominently representing Mid America Cancer Care!

Here is the text that Ingram’s published for Dr Singh! Do congratulate him when you meet him next!

Precisely one medication—one—was available to treat young Jaswinder Singh’s stubborn case of asthma back in his native India. The malady, he remembers, prevented him from doing things other kids were able to do, but the drug proved effective and allowed him to breathe well.

Suffice to say, that made a lasting impression. So, too, did a new medication called albuterol that came out a few years later. “It was a game-changer for so many people, including myself. This really intrigued me,” Singh says. “I started to realize that a single medication could change many lives by improving breathing and elevating the quality of someone’s life.” Given the love he had for science even then, he says, “it was a pivotal moment that made me want to learn more about medicines and how they can impact the body and diseases.”

That interest carried over into his arrival in the U.S., his work in oncology at Research Medical Center, and eventually to the start of his own practice, Kansas City Cancer Care, in 2019. In addition to treating patients, he says, “I study medicines with key scientific leaders in the field of oncology. We do this so that we push our overall understanding of how medicines will impact the body and change the disease process.”

The choice of a medical career was not without sacrifices—in Singh’s case, it was an acting career that received some promising reviews, but that, he says, “was a passion that I did not pursue following college because medicine was all-consuming. Once you turn your life over to the study of medicine and the care of patients, that same passion is poured into making sure your knowledge expands and your patients are receiving the best treatments.”

A sense of spirituality led him to oncology. Specializations, he says, emerge with areas that speak to physicians’ personalities. “I wanted to have the largest impact with the preservation of life,” he says. “Oncology was a natural progression for this, because patients who are diagnosed with cancer are vulnerable and scared. They want compassion and understanding.”

Those patients, he says, become my family and my community. I care about each and every one of them and love the ability to learn their individual stories. It draws me in everyday, the hunt to delivering patients the best answers and treatments.”

Sadly, more of them will require his services because many people deferred treatment or early-diagnosis opportunities during the first part of the pandemic. Even now, Singh says, “we see more patients delaying their screening tests, like mammograms or colonoscopies. The downhill effect is that patients are presenting with later-stage cancers because we did not identify their disease early on in the process.”

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